Active relaxation in
Soča Valley

Opening hours: Tuesday-Sunday 15:00-22:00, closed on Mondays.

Location: The bar is located behind the Hotel Lucija, Most na Soča. Access from the parking lot of the hotel or along the path at the water edge. 

Let us inspire you!

They say location is everything, and Beach Bar Sotočje has it all! And even more. Visit a fantastic place an exceptional location in Most na Soči along the emerald Soča river, sometimes even better than a beach by the sea. The most beautiful location offers everything you need for a perfect experience of pristine nature in synergy with comfort and sophistication. A new dimension of mindfulness and experience of the surroundings provides exactly what you need at that certain moment.


Join us for a drink

With us, you will be able to take a sip of a great coffee, treat yourself to cold sodas, a refreshing cocktail or quench your thirst with a selected beer. Because we support domestic, we also offer local brands. We emphasize local products and support local producers when quenching your thirst.


Beach Bar Sotočje – a great starting point for many outdoor activities

Beach Bar Sotočje is also a starting point for many outdoor activities. Not only do multiple trails pass by here but we also offer a range of activities at the Beach Bar.

One of the activities that we highly recommend at Mad Mountain agency is practicing outdoor yoga. A first-class experience that you can not miss. It is a form of activity that will strengthen your spirit and prepare you for new challenges. You will get to know this gorgeous piece of our beautiful country from the second point of view. So allow yourself a new experience and wake up to a new morning with a greeting to the sun!

Another activity that we also highly recommend is paddleboarding. Paddleboarding offers the most genuine contact with the river and the lake happens right on its surface, so rent a SUP and set off for new adventures! With the board, you will go straight out on the calm waters of Lake Most na Soči, and afterwards you can stop at the Beach Bar and relax with a well-deserved refreshing drink.

As a new thing this year, we present the possiblity for you to take a mindful boat trip on emrald water of Lake Most na Soči. The experience will allow you to take in the beautiful surroundings from another perspective while we will bring you to a state of mindfulness with medition and stories from a local storyteller. You can find more information here

Move to be well – together

The Soča Valley is a beautiful place of long and winding picturesque roads, gorges, and rivers. In the heart of the valley, surrounded by the majestic mountains of the Julian Alps, lies the town of Tolmin. From Tolmin we arrange and organise a range of bigger and minor events throughout the year where we bring people together through activities ranging from yoga to ultra races.

Events will take place at the Beach Bar Sotočje. Please contact us at for further information, registration and tickets.

Events coming up:

Outdoor Women Camp

Sunday 28.8 2022

The Outdoor Women Camp is the first of it’s kind in Slovenia. The event will focus on outdoor sports activities with a bike trip, SUP and outdoor yoga. The central element is to meet other women in and via outdoor.

Learn more about the concept and the program here.

Bike & Beer

Saturday 3.9

Our philosophy is “Move to be well”. We will therefore give special beer offers for everybody that has come to the bar after a bike ride.

Hiking Festival

Saturday 10.9 – Sunday 11.9

The program of the weekend is centered around hiking and we celebrate all the opportunities hiking presents.


  • Guided hiking tour (Juliana Trail) at 9:00
  • Wine & Walk from 15:00


  • Guided hiking tour with Milan Hosta at 10:00
  • Breathing Workshop with Milan Hosta at 14:00
  • Mindful Boat Trip at 16:15

Find out more about the festival here.

Julian Alps Trail Run by UTMB

Friday 16.9 – Sunday 18.9 2022

In September, the biggest Slovenian trail running event will take place. The Soča Valley and the Julian Alps offer the most stunning and fantastic surroundings for trail running. Different routes will lead the runners through the Julian Alps. The 170 km distrance will begin in Kobarid, continue to Tolmin before the route continues over the mountains in direction of Bled and ending in Kranjska Gora. This weekend, we will celebrate running and invite you to participate in this celebration. 

More info about Julian Alps Trail Run.

Previous events:

Acoustic Concert & Aperitivo Night

Saturday 20.08

Acoustic concert of Peter Avsenik (Tribute to Iztok Mlakar) at 19.00

Tribute to the great coastal artist. Peter Avsenik does not want to be Iztok Mlakar. This one is already taken. However, she admires his creativity and the authenticity of his artistic and musical interpretations of his stay in Goriška. Listener since childhood, often a performer and interpreter.

Giro d’Italia Bike Weekend

Friday 27.5 – Sunday 29.5 2022

This year, Giro d’Italia passed through Slovenia. 40 kilometers of the 19 stage of the race went through Slovenia and Soča Valley. This attracted visitors and spectators from all over the country to a great celebration of cycling. Participating in the preparations and various events during the Giro d’Italia Bike Weekend was the minds behind Mad Mountain.

Read about when the Giro embraced Soča Valley.

The Soca Outdoor Festival

Friday 1.7 – Sunday 3.7 2022

Nine successful editions of Soča Outdoor Festival (2013 – 2022) left all participants enthralled and proved that Tolmin together with Soča Valley is a perfect destination for a sport festival. The ambition of the festival from the very beginning was to become a leading event in the Soča Valley, bringing together all the forces and resources available in the valley. The planning for the teenth Soča Outdoor Festival has already started and we can’t wait to reveal more details. Keep and eye out for more details and we hope to see you next year!

Learn more.

Mad Mountain Agency balances your body and spirit

Mad Mountain agency is different. Because we offer more. Kayaking, canoeing, zip line, and other adrenaline adventures offer an experience for the body, but our activities take care of the inner balance. Our main mission is to contribute to better overall physical and mental conditions. In the beautiful Goriška region, in the embrace of the Julian Alps, especially in the vicinity of Tolmin and the Soča Valley, you can experience first-class excursions, either on your own, with family, or in a group.

Rent an electric bike and ride through the picturesque countryside; step on the SUP board and experience the glorious lake; practice yoga in harmony with nature or take an unforgettable boat ride.

And last but not least – with us you can also attend the most high-profile events in this area – Giro cycling weekend, Ultra-X running week, Soča Outdoor weekend, Outdoor Women Camp, and the Julian Alps cycling week.

Get in contact and we will assist your exploration of the magnificant nature that surrounds us:

Phone: +386 70 440 444

Let’s meet outdoors!

We offer relaxing, inspiring, and unforgettable outdoor activities

Here at Mad Mountain, we are mad about mountains and outdoor and believe that we need to move to be well. The mountains are an amazing playground for movement and a wide range of activities, which can connect us with nature and create a feeling of well-being. Being in nature can bring calmness into our lives that contribute to our health and wellbeing. The “Move to Be Well” philosophy combines unique outdoor and well-being experiences.

Above all, we want you to live your lives more fully, consciously, and calmly. With our help, you will be inspired again, and through various activities in an authentic natural environment, you will reconnect with yourself and your loved ones. We will make you feel as part of nature.

Want to learn more?


Phone: +386 70 440 444

For all those who want to relax and actively explore the beautiful Soča Valley, the Mad Mountain agency offers you many outdoor events and experiences that allow you to get back to nature and simply enjoy life.